What is Ninja Ripper 2?
Ninja Ripper 2 is designed to extract 3D models, textures and shaders from games and 3D programs. Suitable for DirectX 11/9/8/7 games, Android. Supports ripping Android games via Nox, BlueStacks emulators. This is a global update of Ninja Ripper 1.7.1, which was closed in 2017 due to lack of funding. All information about the utility can be found in ninjaripper.com
Where can I download Ninja Ripper 2?
The utility is available through Patreon (Exclusive Tier): patreon.com/ninjaripper Because it is a time-consuming program Ninja Ripper 2 is not free and without Patron's support it would have been discontinued. If for some reason you can not buy it, use the public version of Ninja Ripper 1.7.1.
How do I import .nr-files created by the ripper into Blender?
Install the addon for Blender. Located in the ripper importers/io_import_nr.zip folder.
My game doesn't rip, what do I do?
Although the utility is in active development, it is currently in beta testing, so not all games may work properly, if at all. Some reasons:
  1. Ripper may not support some games because there are so many rendering options.
  2. Unsupported Graphics API such as OpenGL, Vulkan.
  3. Bugs in the ripper.
  4. Game anti-cheat system may block the ripper.
  5. Antivirus may block the ripper.
  6. Incorrect ripper usage. For example, before re-launching a game from steam you need to close all its processes in task manager (the ripper simply can not enter for ripping process if a steam process is already running)
   SOLUTION: For full information send the ripper logs archive to Discord.
How to find the ripper's log?
The ripper logs are in the ripper output folder. There can be many logs. If you do not know which one to send, then archive the entire folder and upload it to a file-sharing site.
The ripper logo does not appear. The PrintScreen button does not work.
In this case the ripper may work too: Try pressing the INSERT button. The INSERT button works as follows: you press INSERT, wait (10-20 seconds) and press it back to stop ripping.
SOLUTION: For full information send the ripper logs archive to Discord.
The meshes are distorted and stretched
One of the peculiarities of the rip, is the distortion of the mesh geometry. You need to restore the geometry. One of the options is to find the projection matrix in the ripper's log, if it is not there you should try to adjust FOV manually.
At this moment, no idea yet how to automatically restore the distortions. Support the development and the developer will have more time to solve this problem.
Rip models from Nox emulator
Ripping directly through Ninja Ripper does not work yet. You need to apply the technique with wrapper-dll. Learn more in the ‘Extracting 3D models and textures from Android games (Ripping from Nox Emulator)’ video.
What is wrapper-dll method and how to use it?
This method allows you to rip from games with their own launcher.
You need to copy d3d11.dll from the bin64/wrappers or bin32/wrappers folder to the exe folder of the game you want to rip from. IMPORTANT: the bit depth of the dll should match. If the game is 64 bit, then the wrapper dll should be taken from 64 bit folder.
After that run the game DIRECTLY. You don't need to run it through ripper.
Ripping old DirectX9/8/7/6 games
Ripping of old games is supported via dgVoodoo2 system, but this may cause ripping instability. Always try ripping via INSERT button, If nothing happens when pressing PRINT SCREEN. Check ‘How to extract(rip) 3D-scenes from old games (DX9/8/7)’ video.
Ripping from PS2 emulator
Due to PS2 rendering specifics the emulator rip creates flat meshes (this applies to the DirectX 11 graphical plugin only).
At this moment, no idea yet how the correct geometry can be extracted. Support the development and the developer will have more time to solve this problem.
Import into 3dsmax, Maya and any other 3D editor
At the moment, only supported import into the Blender. Support for importing into other software products is planned in the future.
As a temporary solution you can:
  1. Import into Blender (it’s free)
  2. Export to a format supported by your 3D editor, e.g. fbx
  3. Import fbx file into your 3D editor
Ripping from online games
Ripping online games is not recommended, you may be banned.
Ripping works through the method of embedding dlls and installing hooks, this can be considered by the anti-cheat system as a cheat, which can lead to banning your account.
“I want to rip the %GAMENAME%. Is it possible?”
There are a huge number of games, and it's almost impossible to check them all. Use Discord server search first. If nothing found try to rip it yourself. If it does not work, send logs ripper via discord server. The developer always pays attention to ripper error messages.
Can you rip model from a website 3D viewer?
You can try to run the browser from the ripper, if the site uses Web-Gl. Firefox, Palemoon browsers were tested.
Chrome browser is not supported at the moment.