Ninja Ripper 2.4

Features: DirectX 7 native support
blender 4.1 support
Maya 2025 support
3ds Max 2025 support
Improving rip from BlueStacks

Ninja Ripper 2.3

Features: DirectX 8 native support
DirectX 9 ripper bug fixes
DirectX 11 ripper bug fixes
Fixed errors of ripping from VMWare
Chinese translation added (Thanks sourmk)
Importer improvements

Ninja Ripper 2.2

Features: DirectX 9 native support
Added blender 4.0+ support
Added Maya 2024 support
Win7 bugfixes

Ninja Ripper 2.1

Features: DirectX 12 ripper improvements
  (Game example Alan Wake 2 ripping)
Importer improvements
WARNING: Starfield is still unsupported

Ninja Ripper 2.0.16

Features: Improved browser support
Removing duplicate meshes
Updating settings during rip
Bug fixes for DXGI hooks

Ninja Ripper 2.0.15 beta

Features: Improved DirectX 12 ripper
Meshes grouping
Importer improvements
  -Vertex Colors Import
Added JPG and BMP texture save formats
Critical bug fixes

Ninja Ripper 2.0.14 beta

Features: The ripper has been redesigned to support the latest AAA games
Global performance improvement of games with ripper
Critical bug fixes
Improved browser support
Game examples (not all shown): Resident Evil Village/7/4/3/2, Devil May Cry 5(DX12),
  Uncharted 4, Last Of Us, Spider-Man Remastered...

Ninja Ripper 2.0.13 beta

Features: Global Injection method (DirectX 11/12 games)
D3D11 ripper fixes
  -If the game was imported as a bunch of junk, try this version
   (Example: Assasin's Creed Unity, Assasin's Creed Syndicate etc)
Vendor extensions handling (NVAPI, AMD AGS)
   (Example: Devil May Cry 5 (DX11))

Ninja Ripper 2.0.12 beta

Features: Huge refactoring of DirectX 11 ripper
 -If the game was imported as a bunch of junk, try this version
  (Example: Roblox, Blue Reflection, DOA Extreme Venus Vacation, BattleField 4, Mirror's Edge Catalyst etc)
DXGI hooks refactoring
Importer improvements
Added importer to Autodesk Maya

Ninja Ripper 2.0.11 beta

Features: Ripping from RPCS3 (Experimental. Copy opengl32.dll from bin64/wrappers to rpcs3.exe directory)
Added PNG, HDR texture save formats
Added settings to save only meshes or only textures
Automatic injection into games from Steam
Automatic injection into old games (DirectX9/8/7/DDraw)
Added import settings for normal vectors

Ninja Ripper 2.0.10 beta

Features: HDR Textures saving (EXR-format)
Windows 7 compability
3ds Max importer improvements (3ds Max 2023 support)
Fixed D3D12 ripper bugs (Horizon Zero Dawn, WWE2K22, etc)
Fixed D3D11 ripper bugs (MotoGP2017, SnowRunner, etc)
WARNING: For old games ripping (DirectX9/8) watch this:

Ninja Ripper 2.0.9 beta

Features: Support for games on DirectX 12 (D3D12)
  -If the game did not rip (eg Elden Ring, Cyberpunk 2077), then try this version
Improved and simplified settings for import addons (blender/3ds Max/Noesis)

Ninja Ripper 2.0.8 beta

Features: 3ds Max 2015-2022 importer addon
Automatic injection into games from Steam
D3D11 ripper bug fixes
  -If your game didn't rip or crash, try this version

Ninja Ripper 2.0.7 beta

Features: Initial DirectX 12 (D3D12) ripper. Saving meshes in local space(T-pose) and textures
D3D11 ripper bug fixes
Noesis addon improvements
Fixed critical ripper bugs

Ninja Ripper 2.0.6 beta

Features: New easy way to fix 3D-models FOV distortions (Noesis addon)
  More info:
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  More info:
Bug fixes
WARNING: For Nox and BlueStack Android emulators set Compability Mode in settings

Ninja Ripper 2.0.5 beta

Features: Built-in support for DirectX 9/8/7 games (dgVoodoo used)
New importer options:
  Added NORMAL vector import settings
Added option to save textures without compression
Added option to save meshes separately with instancing
Fixed critical ripper bugs
Fixed critical bugs for blender addon

Ninja Ripper 2.0.4 beta

Features: Added saving meshes in local space (T-pose)
Added new import options
Improved support for ripping games:
  -If your game didn't rip or crash, try this version
Fixed bugs when ripping through dgVoodoo2 (DX 9/8/7/6 games)
Fixed bugs when ripping games from Origin