Ninja Ripper
About Ninja Ripper 2

Ninja Ripper (current major version 2) is an experimental utility for extracting geometry from 3D game levels and exploring them in a 3D editor such as blender/3ds Max/Maya etc. Use cases could be, for example, exploring hard-to-reach places in a game level, "Easter eggs" and places where the view of the camera is limited.

The first version of the program (Ninja Ripper 1.7.1) was written in 2012 as a utility for extracting 3D models in T-pose for printing on a 3D printer. Due to the loss of interest, the development of the project was stopped in 2017. But in 2021 new version 2 development started from scratch.

The program is written on the enthusiasm of the developer, but its creation takes a lot of time. The current version of the utility supports programs using DirectX 11 and 12 for rendering. There are plans to support scene extraction from Vulkan and OpenGL. In particular, emulators (such as Nox) use Vulkan and OpenGL for rendering, because they are cross-platform, unlike DirectX. Therefore, Patreon was created for users who want to support and speed up development and for additional help and the latest versions.